c9fc877f7ceb20ef439927b2fbf120b1Overview: Georgie McCool is a middle aged woman, career focused, wife of husband Neal and mother of 2 daughters. After she decides to stay home for Christmas instead of going to Omaha with her family, she discovers that by using her landline phone in her childhood bedroom that she can speak to ‘in the past’ boyfriend now husband, Neal. By speaking to past Neal can she help repair her almost failed marriage, or is it too far gone?

Thoughts & Opinions: I enjoyed this book right until the very end. It was a good book to easily follow, especially for the beginning readers. This book shows the real side of marriage and relationships, that there are hard times and you have to work through it, instead of giving up. Georgie has to take a closer look inside herself and see the reasons why she wants to be in the marriage or not. It’s a serious, meets sci – fi cool, I can talk to the past magical phone. Rainbow Rowell does a good job showing us that not every relationship is easy and simple, you have to work as a team to get there, even if it means a look back on the past.

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