Applause for Ruth Ware: The Woman In Cabin 10

The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware set aboard the luxury cruise, Aurora. Lo Blacklock a journalist is supposed to be mingling and smooshing the multimillionaire owner of the cruise, Lord Richard Bullmer. However, still panics stricken from her break in at her apartment days before she can’t seem to concentrate on the extravagant surroundings of the cruise. Woken up to some noise outside her cabin room one night, Lo is certain she saw a woman being thrown over. Panicking and desperate for the truth, Lo tries to solve the mystery behind what happened that night. Was it all in her head or is she in the middle of the ocean with a killer?

This book is a page turning, exciting mystery/thriller. I could not put it down for a moment. It’s engaging throughout. It reminded me of Gone Girl. It has the same feel and mystery behind it. I got drawn into it not wanting to do anything else until I found out the twisting and turning ending.

I was drawn to the mystery of what Lo had saw that night. Lo is very panicked throughout this book. I don’t want to give too much away but there are things about her that I didn’t care too much about. I saw her as unstable and her story a little unbelievable. Who could believe a story like that?

Overall,  I highly, highly recommend this book to everyone! It’s an easy and great read!

Character To Actors Game 

I’m going to be honest, picking out these actors to play these characters was difficult. It took me almost 2 days and the help of my boyfriend. You don’t get to see and know much about the characters in the book. I had a hard time picking out what characters to pick for the game. There are quite a few people on the cruise and I couldn’t pick an actor for everyone so I had to narrow it down.

Lo Blacklock – Main Character: Lo is anxiety ridden during the whole book. She could never seem to relax and enjoy the cruise even before anything happened. I wanted to pick an actor that has played previous characters like that in the past. The 1st person I thought of was Natalie Portman. She did an excellent job as Nina Sayers(very overwhelmed throughout the movie). She could really grab a hold of the character and make the movie even better.

Embed from Getty Images

Ben Howard – Journalist/former boyfriend of Lo: You don’t get to know Ben as much as I would like. Lo and him semi talk about their past. I didn’t want to go with a huge star so I went with Oscar Isaac.  Embed from Getty Images
Lord Richard Bullmer – owner of the Aurora: When I picture Richard I see this tall, brown haired,successful and handsome man. Very distinguished, yet down to earth man. I picked Michael Fassenbender. I haven’t seen many of his movies and I think this would be a great role for him.

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Anne Bullmer – wife of Richard Bullmer and another mystery character: This was a hard pick for me. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick someone for Anne, then I started thinking about what goes on in the book and then I decided I had too. I’m going with Emily Browning. I wish I could explain more but I don’t want to ruin it for the people that haven’t read this book. But for those that have read it I hope you can see why I picked her. And when I thought of Anne I see her as younger than Richard.

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