Who do we really know?: Behind Closed Doors

 Everyone knows a “perfect couple”. That’s what Grace & Jack Angel look like to their close friends, family & the public. Jack is a successful lawyer that helps battered wives. Grace – the picture perfect, stay-at-home wife who throws elaborate dinner parties their friends cannot believe. What’s really going on behind this perfect facade? Jack is a raging psychopath. Locking Grace in a room sometimes for 3 days without food, almost to the point of starvation. He craves the fear of others like a craving for chocolate. He had plans to move Graces’ Down syndrome sister, Millie into their home and locking her into a basement room she cannot escape just to hear her screams and feed off her fears.  Can Grace find a way out of this horrible life that seems literally impossible to escape? 

The real question: Do we ever really know anyone or are we all just putting on a show? 

I don’t think I can put into words the craziness of this book. In her debut, DEBUT! novel B. A Paris gives us this disturbing character you never thought could exist. Jack is like no other bad guy I’ve ever seen in movies or read about. You cannot understand his state of being until you read it. Her details are excellent. It’s thrilling and you want to race to the end to see if Grace can get away from this lunatic. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a thrilling chiller of a story. This book has shot B.A Paris to the top 10 of my favorite authors and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for another novel from her. 


Jack Angel – husband to a Grace & certifiable psycho lunatic. I had to think long & hard as to who I would want & who I think could play Jack well & get across the sheer terror of his actions. I didn’t want a rugged man, I wanted a semi soft looking, handsome man you would never think could be so crazy. The actor has to be able to play two different types of characters. 

1. A loving husband who adores his wife & a lawyer who puts away the domestic violent husbands. 

2. A terrible man who enjoys the  unthinkable, horrible things we cannot even imagine. 

My boyfriend helped me decide the best actor to portray Jack & we went with Ben Affleck. No on would ever think he could possibly be a terrible, fear craving man. But I think he could pull it off wonderfully. Leaving audiences in shock as to what a seemingly handsome, normal looking man is really capable of. 

Embed from Getty Images

Grace Angel – Jack’s wife & narrator: I wanted to go with an actress who doesn’t seem like the type of woman who could overcome such a nightmare of a life.

 I see Grace as an attractive woman but not looking at her, a physical woman who could escape a life of misery. I had 3 actresses in mind but I went with the talented Kate Mara

Embed from Getty Images

If the book ever becomes a movie, regardless as to who’s going to be in it. I will definitely be seeing it in theatres. 

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