The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door : A story about a loving couple living in the suburbs. They go out to a party next door, they go home in the early  hours of the morning to find their baby girl, Cora missing. Who took the child? Does this loving couple have it all or are there secrets?

I have strange feelings about this book. It has a good plot : who took the missing child? It kept me engaged from the beginning. It started as soon as you read the book. 

However when it comes to the characters. I have to say they are pretty lackluster. They are a boring couple that don’t seem like they love each other as the book says. They do have their secrets.. but they’re predictable. There was nothing shocking when it came to reading the book. I figured it out the twist before I finished the book. 

Now Characters To Actors: I haven’t posted this review because I had the hardest time picking Actors for these characters. They are dull people and I have decided I’m not going to pick Actors for the book. The reason, not every book is good enough to turn into a movie. It doesn’t have the quality of a good movie. I believe it would be boring. I won’t be doing his with every book I don’t care for. Just the ones where I think for days and cannot come up with a single actor. 

Next book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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