Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


Sharp Objects follows Camille, a Chicago reporter sent to her hometown of Wind Gap, MO to acquire information about the deaths of 2 young girls. Local police and Kansas city detective, Richard Willis have no leads and the town is growing restless. Can Camille tackle her demons and help solve these horrible murders?
Reading Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ made me want to read every book she wrote. Gone girl was shocking right to the very end. ‘Sharp Objects’ is another great book from Gillian. It started out slow, I’m pretty sure that’s because at the time I was wrapped up in BBCs ‘Orphan Black’ (I HIGHLY recommend, by the way). During the whole book you’re not sure who the killer is. Most books give hints as to who it could be. Sharp Objects has you guessing until the very end.

The end was fantastic. Not what I expected. You think it’s over…but it’s not. It’s a short read and once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down. If you enjoy thrillers, I would highly recommend.

Characters to Actors

Camille Preaker: Main character & narrator of the book. She’s a journalist tyrying to make her life better in Chicago after trying to deal with the death of her sister, Marion. She troubled & hard to get close to. I needed an actress that I knew could play that type of person. I went with Jennifer Morrison. I’ve watched her on Once Upon A Time for years. She plays Emma a woman who’s had a troubled past. I feel like she can get across to audiences the hurt and struggles that Camille has been through.

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Amma: Camille’s younger half sister. She’s the “it” girl in Wind Gap. Every girl wants to be her & ever guy wants to be with her. She has two sides to her, perfect daughter to her mother, Adora and a terribly mean girl to everyone else. I went with Kiernan Shipka. She’s a lot older than the 13 year old Amma in the book but most movies chose older people to play certain characters. I believe Kiernan can play Amma really well. On Mad Men she played a semi troubled youth & I think she’d do a fantastic job.

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Adora: She’s a controlling mother who doesn’t like her daughter Camille in the least and treats Amma as a doll. She’s a strange woman. Pretty crazy, I think. It was tough to pick an actress. I went with Blythe Danner. She can play this odd character very well.

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