Making A Comeback!

I’m going to be real and up front. I’ve been lazy. I haven’t read a book in awhile and when I did, I didn’t finish it. When I decided to start this blog I loved the idea. I loved reading and picking out actors to play the parts. Things happen, life happens. I stopped reading and gave up. But I need something to occupy my mind when I’m not taking care of my 3 year old son and doing school work. I want this blog to become something. I see so many people start up blogs and I’m jealous to be honest. All I have to commit to is a book once a week or every two weeks to start. I love to read and want to share it with everyone. Get more people into reading and my game is a great way to reach out to people.

So I’ve decided to be committed to this blog and dedicate a portion of my life to it and see where it goes. I’m going to start out slow. But I can and will do this!

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