Before And Again by Barbara Belinsky

I’m starting this book, Before And Again by Barbara Delinsky on one of upstate New York’s snowy winter days. I’m curled up on the couch, blanket wrapped around me, my son not far from me playing on the floor. It’s the start of a great day. 

This book was given to me by my mother in law, we have similar taste in books. I’m excited to dive into this book, into the life of Maggie Reid or is it Mackenzie Cooper? 4 years ago Maggie endured a terrible tragedy that destroyed her life. Now she’s trying to start a new…alone. She now lives in Devon a posh Vermont town filled with both visitors and regulars. 

Maggie makes a living as a makeup artist and using her sculpting as a getaway from everyday life, trying to hide from her past. When a friends teenage son is accused of hacking into a powerful mans Twitter account, Maggie has to decide between protecting herself stepping into the spotlight to be by their side. Can Maggie continue in this new life or will her past come out?

Before and Again was a great book. It starts with such an unbearable tragedy that Maggie has to go through you want to finish the book to see how she copes. Throughout the whole book, you feel everything Maggie feels – the pain of losing a child, her losing control of her new life, when she has her panic attacks and she can’t breath, you can’t breath either. The book was so well written, it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. It made me realize you can’t control everything, you have to learn to forgive yourself even in the hardest of times and your friends and family will always be there for you. I highly recommend this book!

Before and Again: A Novel – Purchase on Amazon

Characters to Actors

Maggie Reid – Maggie is the main character. She suffers a huge lose in the start of the book and tries her best to make a new life for herself while dealing with her guilt. Maggie is strong, independent and doesn’t accept help easily. For this character I decided to go with Karen Gillan, most known as Amy Pond in Doctor Who. She’s a strong actor who can dive deep into a character. I enjoyed watching her play Amy in D.W. She could bring Maggie Reid to life.

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Edward Cooper – Maggie’s ex- husband. In the beginning, I thought Edward was complex, not sure what type of man he was. As I read more and got to understand him, I found out he’s a strong, independent person similar to Maggie. He’s also a man trying to figure himself and his life out after the death of his daughter. I felt for Edward, wanting him to feel better and get his happy ending. He actually reminded me of my husband but he’s not an actor so he’s not an option. It was hard for me to chose an actor for Edward. I wanted to get someone who can be strong, while also have a sensitive side as well. My husband and I went back and forth over who should play Edward and we finally landed on Ryan Reynolds. He’s a star actor who can show both sensitive and strong side.

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Grace – Grace is the mother of Chris, the 15 year old accused of hacking into school records and a celebrity’s Twitter account. Grace is a beautiful woman, who attracts many men. She’s also a single mother, struggling to take care of her son. You find out Maggie’s not the only one with secrets. I needed an actress that can handle a character with a past. A strong woman, so I went with Rosamund Pike. I loved her in Gone Girl. She was able to play innocent and a manipulator. She’s be a great Grace.

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Kevin – Maggie’s best friend. Kevin works at the pottery studio that Maggie goes to everyday. They bonded over that and he’s the one person she can fully trust in Devon. He doesn’t judge her and he’s always by her side when she needs it more. I decided to go with Zachary Quinto as Kevin. He’s a very versatile actor. He could play a caring loyal friend.

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