The Municipalists by Seth Fried

The Municipalists takes place in Metropolis, the city of tomorrow. But all that is about to change, unless a rule-following bureaucrat and an irreverent, freewheeling AI can save the city from a mysterious terrorist plot that threatens its very existence.

I would consider this book as a preview to our future. Metropolis is this new, technology driven city. It also gives to OWEN the artificial intelligence, who’s knowledgeable about everything and a little full of himself at the same time. It makes you think about where we’re going technology wise. Will we have this type of AI in the future? And how will we adapt?

I enjoyed reading the book. It was an easy read and I would recommend it to my friends. I’ve read books that are better but I would put this book in the middle. Good but not great. Henry, the main character can be a tad annoying at times. He’s a rule follower and I just want to yell at him to “stop following the darn rules all the time!!” OWEN the A.I. is funny, of course very smart but also full of himself. He also, sadly annoyed me at some points as well. Overall, I enjoyed the book and what it was about.

Click the link below to purchase The Municipalists.

The Municipalists: A Novel

Characters to Actors

Henry –When I think about Henry, I think about a nerd. He sticks to the rules and sucks up to the boss, Garrett. He’s also a hard worker, loves his job and wants to stop the mysterious terrorist. The celebrity I was thinking about the entire time was Jesse Eisenberg. He’s a great actor, very underrated. I think he would do well playing a nerd. He did a a great job in the Social Network. I think he could portray the annoying quality  of Henry.

OWEN (A.I) – Owen is an A.I that can do anything basically. He’s a computer and has the knowledge that no one else has. He has a funny personality and can be annoying at times, just like Henry. When I was reading the book I thought of Ryan Reynolds. He’s so funny and good looking, just like OWEN. I could bring out the personality of OWEN well.

Terrence Kirklin –  Kirklin pretty much runs Metropolis. He’s changed the whole way the city works. It’s been the best it’s been before. However, lately he’s had a change of heart. He wants to change the way the city and government is run and he won’t stop for anything. Kirklin is an older man, not very attractive. I would pick Jeff Bridges. He’s not too ugly and he’s older than Emma Stone. I believe he can play a bad guy and the audience will still like watching him.

Sarah Laury – Sarah is the daughter of the Mayor. She’s very smart and has been a in the media since she’s been little. She goes missing and Henry and OWEN have to find her. For Sarah I decided to go with Emma Stone. She’s a great actress and I believe I’ve picked her for other books as well.

Overall, I would recommend this book. It was a good read and I enjoy books based in the future. I hope you find this book (which you can purchase in the link above) and enjoy it!

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