Hey it’s Ashton!

C62B468A-76E0-4DAB-9994-CA81500B60B1I’m Ashton McGuire, I’m a wife to my wonderful husband and a stay-at-home mom of a toddler boy, as well as an avid book reader and now a reviewer of books. I spend my down time reading many many books from my local library. Instead of wasting my thoughts and opinions of the great books that I read, I’ve decided to share┬áthem with wonderful world of cyberspace. I enjoy most types of books, but I mainly prefer nonfiction mysteries, dramas & thrillers.

I’ve also added a game to my reviews. Characters to Actors – using the main characters in the books, pick actors that I think would be the best to play them I the movie (because we all know every book will be made into a movie sometime!).

I hope everyone of every backgrounds -avid readers to beginners,enjoys the thoughts of my, mom wired brain.

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